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Music touches the very heart of our humanity and a sense of the wonder of music has touched human societies throughout history.  Music education offers young people the chance to understand, perform and create in an aural dimension that often sits outside our capacity to describe in words.  For many pupils, the music they love will be part of the narrative of their lives and bring colour to the experiences that shape them.  (Ofsted Music Review July 2021)


Music 1This statement from the Ofsted Review into music education in England is at the heart of why and how we teach music at Lamberhurst St Mary’s Primary School. 

Music has a high priority in our school and every class in the school from Reception through to Year 6 has a curriculum music lesson once a week with a specialist music teacher.  We are very privileged to have an expert Music Master, Mr Tony Pape, who is an inspiration to our pupils, parents, staff and governors alike. 

Music lessons follow the Kapow Scheme plan, which ensure that pupils receive a coherently planned and richly resourced music curriculum which combines: Performing, Listening, Composing, The History of Music, Inter-related dimensions of music: pulse, pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and musical notation.

Pupils are given opportunities to learn new skills and perform during music lessons and in extra-curricular events and activities such as Church / religious services & assembly worship, Whole School Christmas Performances, School Open Days and School Club productions.  They are introduced to traditional music and instruments from across the world, an appreciation of musical culture and meaning, in addition to genres from Baroque to Elvis!

We have two choirs and every child is a member of either the Infant or Junior Choir.  Our choirs perform at our Annual Open Day, School Fete, for the local community at Carol Concerts and have performed at Leeds Castle with the Military Wives Choir to an audience of several thousand. 

Individual and Small Group Instrumental Lessons are also offered, including: Singing, Mini-Music, Piano, Keyboard, guitar, ukulele, drums and clarinet.  Children are able to showcase their talents in our Annual Open Day, to their friends and family.  The school employs the specialist teachers directly keeping costs for these additional music lessons affordable for families. 


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