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Spoken language

Spoken imageSpoken Language is a key element of our curriculum ensuring that pupils have the skills required to communicate effectively both socially and formally in a variety of ways.  Spoken Language supports development across the breadth of the curriculum.  The quality and variety of language that pupils hear and use are vital for developing vocabulary and grammar, and understanding for reading and writing.

Spoken Language activities are used across the full range of subjects ensuring children develop their confidence in speaking and listening skills in a variety of contexts.  These cross-curricular links help develop an understanding of technical vocabulary in a range of subjects.  For example, we use techniques such as role-play, hot-seating and freeze-frames to delve into character’s emotions and thoughts, or to explore key issues such as Global Warming.

 In class, children work in groups of differing sizes, including with a talk partner.  On a larger scale, all children take part in class assemblies and, as they progress through Key Stage 2, have the opportunity to read at our regular Church Services and take lead speaking roles in our Christmas performance.  These key opportunities develop confidence, clarity and projection in front of a large audience.

 We aim to give all children the skills and confidence to express their thoughts, knowledge and understanding in coherent and engaging ways and to leave ready to take on new challenges in Key Stage 3.

Spoken Language Progression Grid


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Spoken Language Progression Grid

National Curriculum

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