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Reading matters to everyone, and the teaching of reading and a culture of reading for pleasure are essential parts of our curriculum and our ethos at Lamberhurst St. Mary’s. Reading allows children to access all areas of the curriculum, to reach their full potential and explore the wilder world and their imaginations.

We encourage pupils to develop the habit of reading widely and often, for both pleasure and information. We focus on the importance of listening to, discussing, and reading for themselves a wide range of stories, poems, plays and non-fiction books. Reading, and a love of reading at all ages in an absolute priority

Early reading is taught using the Read, Write Inc phonics scheme and matched texts. We also have a fully resourced school library of fiction and non-fiction texts to support pupils when they move from our Early Reading Scheme (Read, Write Inc) to Accelerated Reader, a pupil driven/teacher guided system. Each classroom as also has its own vibrant reading area.

All classes have a class reader, and 10 minutes daily is dedicated to these books. During this time echo/choral reading is used to help build fluency, self-confidence and motivation. A focus sentence is also used to demonstrate the “thinking brain” of the reader, with a spotlight on vocabulary choices.

Dedicated, 30 minute, reading comprehension lessons focus on a wide variety of high quality texts, highlighting different genres (narrative, non-fiction and poetry) and authors. Adults model the “reader’s thinking brain”, setting vocabulary in context and exploring the choices of an author. Pupils are guided to understand the big idea of an extract, make logical connections to extract meaning and to use this knowledge to answer comprehension questions. 

Reading is noted in the home/school contact book by parents and/or pupils and we love to share reading recommendations. Our ambition is to foster enthusiasm and enjoyment, a love of books and to develop lifelong readers.  Reading1

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Reading Progression

Click here to view the progression of reading through the school:

Reading progression grid


Accelerated Reader

Click here to see a  Parent's Guide to Accelerated Reader 

Click here for a link to Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Reading Comprehension

Click here to view the Jane Considine Reading Plan trackers which match reading texts to the National Curriculum:  Year 1 Reading Comprehension Tracker

Year 2 Reading Comprehension Tracker

 Year 3 Reading Comprehension Tracker

Year 4 Reading Comprehension TrackerYear 5 Reading Comprehension TrackerYear 6 Reading Comprehension Tracker