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Punctuation and Grammar

GrammarSpelling, punctuation and grammar work hand in hand in our English lessons, and across the curriculum.  Strong knowledge of grammar gives us more control and choice in our use of language.  We weave the teaching of grammar throughout our teaching of speaking, reading and writing.  We do this by modelling the correct use of language, looking closely at the written word and understanding how to improve our writing through our grammar choices.  Good use of grammar brings our writing to life, makes our speech more powerful and engaging and increases our understanding and enjoyment when reading.  Texts used in English lessons and as class reads are carefully chosen to allow us to explore grammar in detail.

To support explicit teaching of grammar, we use Nelson Grammar or the Natural Curriculum.  This allows pupils to learn and understand grammatical terms and to practice their use.  Our grammar progression allows for learning from earlier year groups to be frequently revisited, consolidating knowledge and building a secure understanding and a foundation for use of increasingly complex language. 

Grammar Progression Grid


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Whole School Grammar Progression Skills