Lamberhurst St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School

Lamberhurst St. Mary's
Church of England (VC) Primary School


Staff and Class Organisation


Mrs Caroline Bromley

Deputy Headteacher/Maths: 
Mrs Nicky Mitchell - Garnet Class ~ Year 5

Senior Teacher/Senco: 
Mrs Carla Belling – Diamond Class ~ Year 6

Office Manager: 
Mrs Elaine Knight 

Office Assistant: 
Miss Angie Taylor
Clerk to Governors/Office Support: 
Mrs Amanda Dalrymple

Site Supervisor: 
Miss Jane Panteney

Site Team: 
Mr Steve
 Cheffy and Mrs Amanda Keeves

Care Club Supervisor: 
Mrs Sue Panteney & Miss Jane Panteney


Mrs Helen Hunter - Ruby Class Reception
Mrs Lizzy Connors - Emerald Class ~ Year 1
Mrs Bethany Newton - Topaz Class ~ Year 2 
Miss Sydney Richards  - Amber Class ~ Year 3
Mrs Esther Fairburn - Sapphire Class ~ Year 4
Mrs Nicky Mitchell - Garnet Class ~ Year 5
Madame Debbie Denham  & Mrs Carla Belling - Diamond Class ~ Year 6
Mr Tony Pape - Music/Choir Master/Instrument Specialist teacher
Mrs Allison King - RE/Leadership & Supply Cover

Mrs Jeanette Strydom & Mrs Fiona McAusland - Supply Cover

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Michelle Leeke (Paediatric First Aid Specialist/ Sensory Circuits)
Mrs Val Jones (Sensory Circuits)
Mrs Karin Green (Curriculum Support)
Mrs Jo Cotterill (Curriculum Support)
Miss Holly Sturman (Dance Specialist)
Mr John Rose (Judo coach & Sensory Circuits)
Mrs Jo Moger (Curriculum Support & Sports Teams Coordinator)
Mrs Annemette Leader (Supply Cover) 
​Mrs Amanda Ledger
Mrs Sue Panteney (1-1 High Needs Support)
Miss Jane Panteney (1-1 High Needs Support)

Mrs Karina Pitts (Specialist Instrument Music Teacher)

Kitchen (Nourish Catering)