Lamberhurst St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School

Lamberhurst St. Mary's
Church of England (VC) Primary School

About Our School

The Old School

The provision of education in Lamberhurst village can be traced back to 1712 when Lady Hamby of Court Lodge left £6 in her will for the teaching of reading to the village children. The Morland Family who acquired the Manor, held that the gift was void but the family continued to pay it voluntarily for the next 200 years.
The school that we now refer to as ‘The Old School’ began in the 1830's when the Reverend Hawkins came to Lamberhurst. With the help of the Church of England and the Government, two rooms were provided for the education of 70 boys and 50 girls. The first pupils were admitted in 1836.

When William Alexander Morland died in 1846 he left £200 for the school and, wanting to provide a suitable tribute to him, his family decided to augment this by adding a second storey and clock tower to the building. The clock is dated 1863 and remains a much admired feature of the village today.

In 1876 a law was passed making parents responsible for ensuring that their children were taught "The Three R's" with grants being made available to those who could not afford the fees.

By the following year children who were under 10 years of age were banned from working in term time, although there was still no restriction during the holidays.
By the early 1900's the school building had expanded to the current Old School building size and was considered to be large enough for 120 boys, 120 girls and 120 infants.

The New School

In January 2006 the pupils and staff of Lamberhurst St Mary’s Church of England Primary School moved into the stunning state of the art modern building that the school now occupies at the top of Pearse Place. It had taken many years work by The Governing Body to secure the planning permission and the ‘go ahead’ to build the new school on land which had been left specifically for a new School.

Recently the new school was extended, adding a second floor and some additional classrooms.

Here are some photos of the different parts of the school.