Lamberhurst St. Mary's Church of England (VC) Primary School

Lamberhurst St. Mary's
Church of England (VC) Primary School

Governing Body 2

our governing body

The Governors are always available and happy to receive comments or questions relating to their work and responsibilities at any time.

Day-to-day administrative queries regarding the school should be addressed to the school office. Teaching or classroom queries should be directed towards teaching staff, and any queries regarding special educational needs should be directed towards our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinators, Mrs Carla Belling and Mrs Caroline Bromley.

Any further questions or comments relating to the day-to-day running of the school should be directed to the Headteacher.  However, anyone with any comments, queries or questions regarding the overall strategic running of the school, and how the school’s performance is monitored may contact the Governors.

The Chair of Governors, Mr Peter Edgesmith, can be contacted in writing via the Clerk to the Governing Body, Mrs Amanda Dalrymple, either by post using the school postal address, or by email:


Foundation Governor – Ex Officio and Vice Chair: Rev. Andrew Axon

​Foundation Governor:
 Mr Andrew Blamey 

Foundation Governor: (vacant)

Co-opted Governor and Chair of Governors: Mr Peter Edgesmith

Co-opted Governor: Mr James Simpson

Local Authority Governor: Mrs Lindsay Denning

Parent Governor: Mrs Pippa Caddick 

Parent Governor: Mr Andy Gooch

Headteacher: Mrs Caroline Bromley

Staff Governor: Mrs Lizzy Connors

Clerk: Mrs. Amanda Dalrymple


The Governing Body of Lamberhurst St Mary’s comprises 10 governors in total. The membership is made up as follows:

2 Parent Governors
2 Co-opted Governors
3 Foundation Governors
1 Local Authority Governor
2 Staff Governors (of which 1 is the Headteacher)

The Governing Body works through the Circle model of governance, whereby a system of monitoring pairs tasked with overseeing specific areas of the school in greater detail. 

The Monitoring Pairs focus on the outcomes for pupils in terms of both achievement and progress of all children and groups of children, are responsible for understanding the Government’s performance data for our children and monitor the curriculum across the school.  Additionally, they look at all financial matters such as budget monitoring, those relating to the buildings and grounds, such as health and safety, maintenance, staffing and any minor capital projects ensuring that funding is targeted at the main priorities outlined on the School Improvement Plan.

Details of the current membership, for academic year 2022-23, and of all members during academic year 2020-22 are set out below.

Structure and Remit

Lamberhurst St Mary’s Primary School aspires to be a welcoming, inclusive family with a Christian ethos, a sense of community and a commitment to excellence for all children in our care.

The core purposes of the Governing Body is to support and encourage continuing development and improvement within the school – by ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and setting the strategic direction of the school, challenging the leadership team, and recognizing success, together with overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.  Governors fulfil their function through ‘Full Governing Body’ meetings which are held at least six times per year.  The Governing Body operates a Circle Model of Governance where the governing body works as a 'whole team' without committees.  This means that governors have up to date information regarding the school, and can offer timely support and challenge, as well as take action should the need arise.

The governing body delegates monitoring activities to either individual or pairs of governors.  This delegation could relate to statutory functions, such as Safeguarding, SEND, Pupil Premium, Health & Safety, and Finance, or to priorities identified in the School Improvement Plan. Governor monitoring visits take place regularly throughout the year, and are reported back to the Full Governing Body. The Governing Body may commission assignments or projects arising from the business of any particular meeting which will be recorded in the minutes.  There is an established Pay Panel, and a small panel which reviews Headteacher performance. 

The Full Governing Body is ultimately responsible for school performance and financial probity and is run with constant regard to the standards set out by Ofsted.  The Headteacher reports on current school performance and progress against the School Improvement Plan.  Throughout the year subject leaders may be asked to give presentations on particular subjects or priorities. 

Current Membership


and Category
Term of Office and
Appointing Body
Area of responsibility Attendance of FGB meetings 2021-22 Relevant Business or Pecuniary interests declared, Sept 2022 Other education establishments governed Relationship with school staff, including spouse, partners and relatives

Rev Andrew Axon

Foundation Governor


Ex Officio


Vice Chair of Governors,

Christian ethos;

Personal development;

Budget Monitoring
6 out of 6 Church of England Vicar at St Mary’s Church, Lamberhurst & St Luke’s Church, Matfield None None

Mr Andrew Blamey

Foundation Governor
08/11/2021– 07/11/2025
Appointed by Diocese
PCC, St Mary’s, Lamberhurst

Personal development;

Chair of Pay Panel;

Performance Management of Headteacher
6 out of 6 None None None

Mrs Caroline Bromley

Head Teacher


Headteacher 6 out of 6 Headteacher, Lamberhurst St Mary’s School None None

Mrs Philippa Caddick

Parent Governor


Parent election

Behaviour & Attitudes;

Staff Wellbeing;

Member of Pay Panel

5 out of 6

Director, Innspirit Ltd

Partner, Caddick Partnership (Investment Consultancy)
None None

Mr Peter Edgesmith

Co-opted Governor


Appointed by Governing Body

Chair of Governors,
SEND, Pupil Premium;

Quality of Education;

Leadership & Management (curriculum);

Performance Management of HT
6 out of 6 None None None

Mr Andrew Gooch

Parent Governor
Parent election

Quality of Education Governor;

Staff Wellbeing
6 out of 6

Director, HoldFast Training Ltd;

Secretary, Charlie Parker Nutrition Consulting Ltd;

Trustee, Queen’s Gurkha Engineers Regimental Trust
None None

Mr James Simpson

Co-opted Governor


Appointed by Governing Body

Health and Safety;

Budget monitoring,

Leadership & Management;

Member of Pay Panel
3 out of 6 Managing Director, Adrian Scripps Ltd None None

Mrs Lindsay Denning

Local Authority Governor


Nominated by LA, appointed by Governing Body

Safeguarding Governor;

Behaviour & Attitudes Governor
Teacher, Kent College None None

Mrs Lizzy Connors

Staff Governor


Elected by Staff Body
Early Years Governor N/A Yr 1 Class Teacher, Lamberhurst St Mary’s School None None

Previous Governors, September 2020 - July 2022



and Category
Term of Office and
Appointing Body
Area of responsibility Attendance of FGB & Committee meetings  Relevant Business or Pecuniary interests declared, Sept 2020 Other education establishments governed Relationship with school staff, inc spouse, partners and relatives

Mrs Jen Tobin

Local Authority Governor


Nominated by LA, appointed by Governing Body

Safeguarding Governor;

Behaviour & Attitudes Governor


5 out of 9

Sociology Teacher, Kent College

Self employed, Foster Carer
None None

Mrs Gayle Turner-Moore

Staff Governor


Elected by Staff body

Early Years Governor


6 out of 7

Year 3 Teacher, Lamberhurst St Mary's School

None None

Mrs Georgie Hughes

Foundation Governor




0 out of 4

Teacher, Kent College

None None